Posted by Anton on March 01, 2021

With the great software for a ESP32-Serial-Bridge from alphalima it is possible to get Data from our Glider instruments to our Handheld Navigation device.

Settings to work with the Serial Bridge:
Deutsche Bedienungsanleitung für XC-Soar und LK8000

The provided scematic from Github is nice and gave me an idea how it could work. With the first prototypes - #1 and #2 - I learned a lot and finally I was able to construct PCBs fitting my needs.

#1 shows a simple breadboard with a ESP32 30 Pin Devkit on it.
German Instruction

#2 still on a breadboard. Here the ESP32 is directly solderd on it.
German Instruction

#3 the first PCB which made it much easier to assemble the Hardware.
English Instruction

#4 a PCB with 4 RJ45 connectors.
Anleitung auf Deutsch

The Software Changes: Will be added later...
some keywords: brownout Problem; $GPGGA ; switching a exit via TCP...
its a long story ;-)